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    First, please read the following rules and guidelines prior to joining.

  1. You must be a fan of the character Inuzuka Kiba from the Naruto series - either in the anime or manga is fine. You wouldn't be here if you weren't a fan, right?
  2. Provide a valid e-mail address and country. The country should be the place were you're currently residing in. The email is to email you the information you have used to join. You may also edit your information using the update page anytime you'd like.

  3. Provide a believable name. I'm perfectly fine with usernames or screen-names, but please make them believable. Not something like aNiMegIrL or ~SENSEI#1Fan~ or dArK_aNgEl or something along the lines of that, otherwise I'll have no choice but to change it.
  4. This rule is for website owners ONLY. If you don't have a website, you can still join; but you can just skip this rule and read the next one. First off, if you do own a website, please pick up a code and place it on your website BEFORE or AFTER you apply to be a member. Secondly, the website MUST BE YOURS (so please do not fill in the URL box with pages like, or even "NONE.") If you don't have a website, you don't even need to fill in the URL box at all. Also, please keep in mind that the code must be visible somewhere on your site when I check. You can put the URL of the place on your site where you put your code on the "comments" box so it'll be a lot easier for me when I check your site. Websites with porn or any other extremely inappropriate and offensive material will not be listed (yaoi and yuri is fine though; but just make sure they're labled properly in advance). Also, if you don't get your code up before I check, you will still be listed, but your site won't.
  5. Please avoid tYpInG lIkE tHiS when filling the form. And no l33t speak or chatspeak or anything like that please.
  6. Please DO NOT direct link the codes. Upload them onto your own server, or at least Photopbucket. Please respect my bandwith!


    And lastly (mainly for website owners), please pick the code of your choice to link back from! ♥

50 x 50 (13)

75 x 50 (10)

88 x 31 (6)

100 x 35 (5)

100 x 50 (5)

200 x 40 (1)

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